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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Oct 17 2011

Yes I am aware of the small amount of Indian in me, we won't talk about that. I got the money! and I got a haircut with it, and I asked for the same length I have gotten for years 3 on the top and 2 on the sides, and its way short... i think she just gave me a 2 everywhere. But its already grown a bit so its not that bad. Send them some really nice pens!(We asked what a missionary in the MTC would like in a care package) AND SOME SUPER GLUE! Super glue has come to my aid countless times, and it will countless more. And some Beef Jerky, and I just asked the other 3 elders in the room what they would have wanted and they said letters from all the young single women in the ward. I GOT THIS AWESOME MISSIONARY DOLL! A lady in Sidney who does amazing crochet stuff made it for me and sent it by way of her mom who lives in Corvallis! It's fantastic, I might send it home cause it wont last here on the field, but I don't want to give it up. The Blog and FB are doing pretty good, I'm supposed to write a blog every week or so which is a pain, but it's fun coming up with gospel applications for obscure stuff that I like. I already came up with an idea about Back To The Future and repentance. Things are going pretty well, and Halloween is on a P-day! So we might do something awesome for it. AND I GOT TO WORK OUT AT A MUAY THAI GYM TODAY! It's owned by a less active in the ward next to ours and the Elders there invited us along to work out there, and I miss punching so much... It felt so good to wail on a bag for an hour again. The less active guy there was a pro boxer for 14 years and he said I had amazing footwork! He also complimented my punches and taught me some good combos. But we couldn't spar cause I'm a missionary... I was so bummed. Hugs and Hyperbeams, Elder Uppenaround

Elder U, Oct 10 2011

Fruits and vegetables are for pansies.(We recommended that Andrew eat veggies and fruit to get over his cold) If I ate that stuff all the natives would laugh. And I'm feeling tons better! The weather down here is nuts too. It poured rain on thursday, but it was warm in the morning so I didn't have my suit coat or my raincoat, so I was just soaked. then the next day it was sunny and awesome but I had my raincoat so I was too hot. I need some good winter boots and some beanies and stuff, so that money will be wonderful! THANKS! What are Adnoids?(Jake is getting his adenoids out on Oct. 18) It sounds like androids. Why does Jacob have Androids in his nose? We saw a herd of 100 head of Elk! I tried to get some pics but I think they all ended up blurry. Then we went looking for some elk with the guy we live with in Darby, and we went looking ON THE RANCH THAT CHRISTOPHER LOYD USED TO LIVE ON! and on the way back we drove past the summer home of the guy who directed National Treasure! I'm almost done with my blog, but i'm having some technical difficulties, so it will be done... eventually... Transfers came and went and I'm staying with Elder Owens in Corvallis and Darby, which is awesome! I love it here. Things go well. thinking in the 4th dimension, Elder Mcfly

Elder U, Oct 3 2011

Yeah, I don't really need the belt buckle. I need boots a lot more than that, but I had to ask! Conference was amazing! AND I'M PUMPED ABOUT THE TABERNACLE! That's the bomb! The Japanese guys' talk yesterday was one that stuck out to me, and not just cause he had an awesome accent. But all of it was fantastic, I don't really have a favorite. As for facebook, you could probly just send me the pics if you already took them all off the memory card. I get 1 hour for online proselyting a day, and it's for teaching and finding people who are interested. So if you guys have anyone who needs a missionary but are intimidated or whatever then send em my way. Facebook proselyting is for providing a formal setting where we can answer questions and not have to be in the home and looking at them with our accusing eyes, so its actually helping a lot of people. we are still in Pappas's house, but he is sick so we don't see him much. He said that he hadn't eaten anything for like 2 days so he knew what it was like for the jews during the holocaust. We are trying to leave as quickly as possible. And I think he got me sick too, I have been running around with a cold for the past week. But it hasn't slowed me down! SEND ME BACK MY MEMORY CARD! Sincerely yours, Elder get UP c'mon get DOWN with the sickness

Elder U, Sept 26, 2011

I got the package and it is so nice to have a scripture case! And thanks for the money! I used some of it to buy some boots to do service in, they just happen to be some dope cowboy boots I found in a thrift store in Darby. And I'll send my memory card home when I get my other one back. I've heard all about the BYU game now, there are a bunch of BYU graduates up here, and even more people with kids going there. It's good that they did well in their last game, why did they have to wait until they played U of U to suck? GET RONAN THE 8 TRACK PLAYER! And give him the Silmirillion to give to the Heims too. Thats fantastic about the Rhodes! Brother Rhodes is gonna be the best dad ever! Thats so awesome. They should name him Ananias, or Gideon. Conference is gonna be the bomb, I am so pumped for it. I got this sweet note taking packet from the primary in Darby, its got a word search and everything, I am totally using it. Its gonna be so much fun. We had the primary program here too, and it was awesome! They kids were all over the place, and half of them weren't singing, and a couple kept jumping around and pushing each other. It made me a little homesick. And they had Linger Longer which is the greatest thing since sliced bread, Its a pot luck after church on every 4th sunday. HEY! I might need $100 for a sweet hand made elk antler belt buckle. Its for a less-active who needs the money, it gives us a reason to go see him again, and he does amazing work! So it's not for me, its to save the soul of a talented artist. And we could call it an early Christmas present! Pretty Please, Elder Moosencamp

Elder U, Sept. 19

We had a great week! We have some amazing people that we are working with. Daniel... why.(Daniel is working at Rocky Mountain Drive Inn) He can do TONS better than that. Punch Brian for me. Send the package to: 1490 Meridian Rd. Vistor, MT 59875 And send it quick! I don't need new scrips yet, but I will if I don't get a case as soon as possible. My pants are getting a little loose actually, I haven't been on a scale lately but I have definatly lost a little weight. We used the mile counter in the odometer and we drove the way we usually bike and it turned out to be a 20 mile round trip back to our house, and we usually go more than twice that far. We thought it was only 10 or so miles, so we have gone twice as far as we thought we did. It is getting a little chilly, it gets around 40 degrees at night but it gets up in the 70's during the day. I bought some sweet winter gloves, i just need some long johns and a few more things and i'm set. I have been advised against thermal garments by a couple different missionaries, so I'll just stick to normal garments and get thermals to go over. I hadn't heard the score,(the infamous BYU loss) but the McCreedy's were watching the beginning of the game when we left Darby. It sucks that we lost! Was it really that bad? Spencer hasn't written yet, I need to beat him up. Sincerely Yours, Elder Raphael (The Coolest Ninja Turtle)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder U, Sept 12, 2011

This week was good! We serve in a place called Darby too and the members we live with there are fantastic, their name is McCreedy and they have a cute little Pomeranian puppy named Griz. The McCreedy's let us use the whole upstairs of a really nice house, and it's fantastic! The elders here used to spend 1 day a week in Darby and every other sunday, but we have a lot of work there so we are spending every weekend down there. We still spend every other sunday in corvallis. Any size scripture case is fine as long as it can withstand a bear mauling, so I'm not gonna be choosy. And the Quad I've got is hanging in there, but by the skin of its teeth. We use bikes provided by the members, the one i'm riding belongs to the ward mission leader who grew up in Pinesdale ( the polygamist colony) and is a really nice guy. The hills here are nuts! we are in a valley so everything is at odd angles and some of these go up to bloody 85 degrees! And you could totally send me that hat. I don't know if I could wear it but who knows. Elder Owens wore a ski mask and a beany last winter, but he is from arizona so he isn't used to below 0 weather. Daniel best not be working at Rocky Mountain. So my official guess is The Academy. Thats awesome about the website! Just don't pull a Martha Stuart! And Jacob needs a bionic nose, then all his problems will be solved. And we will have to see about the killing with kindness, I might just settle for the killing. Sincerely, Elder Farva ( I got the name wrong on the letter) P.S. Allan wrote me! It was awesome, make Daniel punch that guy.

Elder U, Sept 5, 2011

Elder Owens is the man. He is more like a trainer than Nuttall was, he actually tries to teach me stuff! we have been working together well, and we're having fun. The place we are staying at kinda sucks, its the back room of a member who says that he was forced to have the missionaries live there. He took the lights out of our fridge and is a nazi about how long we can turn the lights on. He keeps telling us he is poor and on wellfare and can't go work, but then he says he is always to busy to clean his house or mow his lawn. He relied on his wife completely for cooking and cleaning and anything else he didn't want to do, but his wife died 2 years ago. The area is awesome but we bike everywhere, we have a truck but the elder before was going home so he went over on miles. and we are in a car share with the area next to us, so in 5 days we biked 40 miles. I am gonna have thunder thighs when i'm done here. I am sending a letter home with my address on it so you can use that, but I forgot it and I don't have it on me. send it quick as you can! my Scrips are getting beat up pretty bad out here. Daniel needs to get fighting again! at the rate i'm going i'll be able to kick through his chest in 2 years. Its awesome that Jacobs getting into it! I wish I had started that early, if he keeps at it he can be a pro in no time. And its awesome that he is in percussion, have you bought him a drum set yet? I got a package from the Davis's! They are the bomb, they sent some cookies and a tie and some pics of danny without his braces. So he punched the ocean, and that's how he broke his collarbone? Thats one of the manliest things i've ever heard! next he'll be growing a mountain man beard and hunting wolves. The selection of beards here is disappointing, I have yet to see an impressive beard in Montana. There is an Elder here who I can talk metal with! Elder Lee is in to the same bands that I am and he is in the district that we are in a car share with. There is a bunch of polygamists down here, they are a branch of of us from the 70's and the believe in the book of Mormon and the D&C but they think they are living the higher law, and that they have priesthood authority and we don't. It's weird and we can only go up to they're colony with the ward mission leader who grew up there. So this will be interesting. LOVES, Elder Moroni