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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starting a blog...again....

I think it's time to try this again. :) I am guilty of visiting a lot of blogs but not having one of my own!

Life right now is fun, crazy, and full.

Daniel is working full time and saving for his mission. He doesn't like his job much, but is hanging in there. He turns 19 in February, so he's in the homestretch. In the meantime he's involved in the Young Single Adult activities. I am too young to have a kid this old!

Andrew is a Senior and working hard in school. He is in Speech and Debate and has his first debate this Friday. I know how good he is at debating, so I know he'll do really well.

Rachel is practicing every day after school for the school musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. She gets to sing and dance, so she's very happy. I can't wait to see the show and I know she can't wait to perform!
Rach is in choir also and has her fall concert today.

Matthew is liking junior high. He is learning to play the trumpet and is really good at it.
He (we) also just finished his science project all about diamagnetism. I didn't know that when water is exposed to a strong magnet it is repelled by it, did you? I didn't think so. :) We took photos of his experiment and they are in the slide show.
Matthew is also loving Scouts. He is almost done with his bicycling merit badge and I'm proud of him because that's a hard one! He needs to complete his 50 miler, and then he'll be done.

Jacob is loving his new school. He has already learned all about the Northern Flying Squirrel, some Utah history, and fossils. He goes early two days a week for choir and has a really good director who teaches them well and doesn't underestimate the abilities of these young kids.

Aaron is working hard at his job and is never bored. He's been with Nature's Sunshine for 8 years now. He also is the Sunday School President so that keeps his weekends busy.

I am having a blast being a full time mom. Life is crazy and never seems to slow down, but it's fun too.
I still do regular photo shoots for friends, family, and their friends and family. I think I will always love photography and need the creative outlet. There is just something about capturing memories for me and for others. It's very rewarding.
I am the Secretary in the Young Women Presidency now and still Ward Choir Director. I love both callings and they keep me really busy. Working with the young women has been so fun and I've learned so much! Their energy is contagious. It's great to be with my girls!

That's a quick update on us. I hope to keep this current so friends and family can check in and see what we are up to!

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Julienne said...

I look at my pictures that you took of my kids every day all over my house. I may have to include a photo shoot every summer when we visit family out there. You are soooo talented. It was really fun to hear how everyone is doing.