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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing Catch-Up...

Hi Friends and Family! We hope your holidays went well. Ours where fun and full.
The slide show shows our Christmas, Jake's Birthday, Simon before and after his first trip to the groomers(he really is as soft as he looks), and Rachel's Valentine rose.
We've had a lot of good friends move lately, and we miss them! We wish you all well in your new locations and endeavors.

Here's a quick update on all of us...

Daniel... Turned 19! Yikes! His mission papers are almost ready to be turned in. We will of course let everyone know where he is called to as soon as we do.

Andrew... is still working at Sub Zero (an ice cream store in our mall), still working out at Throwdown and still plugging along in school.

Rachel...is getting taller and prettier everyday. She is doing really well in school and is about to turn 15!

Matthew...is liking being an official teenager. He is loving playing trumpet and he's doing well in school.

Jacob...just turned 10. He got his first iPod so he officially joins the rest of us as techno geeks. He had a birthday party and he and his friends saw "Ink Heart"(which we all really liked). He's a Webelos now too!

Aaron...is working hard and long hours but is still loving his job.

Heather...is still in Young Women and loving it. I've gone to a lot of doctors lately but I'm feeling much better now so it's not so bad. Even at my worst times the traditional medicines for Lupus would make me feel a lot worse than my symptoms do. So, I'm on a few anti-inflammatory meds and I'm slowly trying to build my stamina back up. We'll just leave it at that until the next flare and then re-evaluate. I feel really blessed! There are so many Lupus patients who are far worse off than me.

We hope you all are doing well too!

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