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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Craziness...

What a week! I put all the photos in the slide show, so check them out.

We started off with our ward Halloween party on Tuesday. The YM/YW were in charge of the game booths and helping to decorate. Rachel manned the Fishing Pond.
Matthew won the costume contest for his age group (he was a ghoul) and Rachel won the most "green" costume because all of her costume pieces were recycled from past Halloweens. Jake was an adorable nerd. I was a princess and Aaron was a really tired database administration dude.

On Thursday we carved pumpkins. Daniel and Andrew are too cool to carve now, but Matthew and Jacob really got into it. I cleaned out Rachel's pumpkin for her and she carved it when she got home from musical rehearsal. I love watching them create their masterpieces.

On Friday there was a costume parade at Jacob's school. A lot of you will recognize one of the teachers that I snapped a pic of. :)

Daniel got to dress up for work and originally wanted to go as a disgruntled worker. I suggested we just punk him up. He did the faux-hawk thing with his hair and we added some eyeliner and about 12 fake piercings and he was good to go.

That afternoon Jacob and Matthew and I were off to Aaron's office to trick-or-treat. We got a lot of comments from Aaron's co-workers that Jacob was dressed up as his dad. The kids got tons of candy, as usual.

Rachel had a party at a friend's house and Andrew was on door duty. Aaron took Matthew and Jake out with a bunch of friends and they cleaned up! They were gone for 2 1/2 hours and did a lot of walking to earn their candy.

Now we just have to endure the sugar highs for the next few days. Rachel is the only candy-hoarder, so the others should be out pretty soon.

We hope you all had a great Halloween too!

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Julienne said...

I loved reading about the ward Halloween party. I miss those and the fun awards.