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Friday, November 7, 2008

Our (kind of) Cat

Meet Beatrice. (So named by Daniel.) She is a very pretty, sweet, and persistent kitty that has adopted us. She hangs out in our all-you-can-catch mouse buffet(backyard) most days and goes nuts if she gets any attention. She must count anyone being home as getting attention because as soon as she knows we are here she hangs out by the doors meowing her head off.
Jake gave her a little milk today, so I think we are doomed. I took the camera out to take pics after I realized what had happened and just getting that close to her made me break out in hives and have trouble breathing.
Aaron has had a discussion with her and they agreed that as long as she keeps mice out of the house she can hang around. We just aren't feeding her or anything. Right.
Anyway, she really is a very nice cat and I guess she is kind-of ours.

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christy said...

Your cat looks a lot like mine!

I tagged you. It's a pic tag, should be harmless!!!