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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Hope They Call Me On a Misson...

Daniel received his mission call to the Washington, Tacoma mission. He reported to the MTC yesterday, July 29th.

Thanks so much to all the family who came out to support him and say good bye and good luck! We had such a great time visiting with everyone even if it was short.

I'll keep his contact info updated so we can all keep in touch with him. I know he would love to hear from friends and family as often as he can!

I have a bunch of photos to upload but we are having difficulties with our one remaining computer now so it will take a while. I wanted to get things here updated without waiting for the photos.

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Julienne said...

Yeah for Daniel. I am so excited for that kid. We love your boys, it was so fun to chat with the two oldest when we were there.