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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

I've tried to update several times but we have had the worst luck with comuters! Aaron's laptop was stolen from our home and then 2 weeks to the day later our home PC and external hard drive melted. We lost everything we had not backed up to CDs. I thought we were safe because of the EHD, so we learned a hard lesson. Aaron also had an EHD but it was connected to the laptop when it was stolen. The only way to truely protect your stuff is back everything up on CD or use an online source to store everything.

We had great family photos we had taken in the fall.
Also, photos of Rachel's musical, Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dream Coat. She was in the chorus and was a dancer.
We had photos of Matthew's band concerts with close-ups of him playing his cornet. He did so well in band! He's a natural.
Jake was in his school play and was Father Escalante the explorer. He sang and did a great job with his two lines.

Lots of other photos of everyone were lost too. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

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