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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Surprise Phone Call...

We got an early call from Daniel today! He bought a calling card at the airport and chatted with us all while waiting for his flight. He says the MTC is "Da Bomb" and that he loved it and gained 6 lbs. I asked him if the food was good or what, he said "No, there's just lots of it."
Daniel, 17 other elders and one sister all flew out to Tacoma bright and early. He will report to the mission office and then get assigned a trainer and area.
He says his MTC companions where amazing and that they didn't fight at all. (Except for the occasional wrestling match in the hall. Daniel is undefeated.)
He sounded happy and excited. He kept saying, "Guess what? I'm a missionary!" and "I don't know what else to say. The Church is true." etc. He is still Daniel, just more so.
We'll put his current address up when he writes his first letter. He begs everyone to write! He doesn't understand why everyone didn't instantly drop everything and write to him every day. ;) I know he would love the occasional letter from anyone who has the time.
He sends his love and thanks for everyone's prayers and support!

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