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Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Email From Tacoma

Here is Daniel's first email, unedited.

Yes, I am, in fact, on a mission. Cool huh. I'm in Tacoma proper so sorry, no vampires yet. I'm in a four-some with my zone leaders and another newish dude. They are so freakin awesome! Apparently Tacoma is the highest baptizing mission in North America. I didn't believe that at first but I guess we're doing one this weekend. Yeah, so awesome. It's hot here and it has yet to rain, what the heck. Oh, I got my bike and its awesome, though I don't think I'll ever get to ride it in this area cause we have a car. We talked to these two black girls yesterday and gave them a tour of a chapel and they were diggin' it for sure. Speaking of which....is Emily back yet? you gots to post this e-mail mom, because I gots to tell Char CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on getting married that is. I have a bunch of Samoans, asians, and black people in my area, it's rad. I feel so....diverse? Anyhoo, my mailing address is 5801 Orchard St. SW apt 76 Tacoma, WA 98467. So get everyone to send me goodies, and like a letter or something. So yeah, I'm loving this whole missionary thing, I'm really excited right now. I hope I don't lose the fire I'm feeling for along time. Tell Andrew to get a job, tell Nathan/Chad they need to writes me, and give Simon something to chew on that resembles Barrack Obama. Well, I love you all and I hope your already gettin blessed.

Elder Uppencamp


Philip Lybbe Powys said...

Daniel is so diverse. Glad he's still an Obama fan.

Julienne said...

How fun to have your first son on a mission. We sure love that kid!!