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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daniel's Latest Letter...

Hey moms!

Thats cool, we haven't really been rained on that much yet. I've only had to wear my coat like once. Last week was pretty cool, my comps baptized this kid but I'm not counting it as mine cause I didn't help. It was way cool though. We were in the middle of a meeting and talking about how we didn't have any baptisms set up that week, and he called and asked us if we could do it that day! Freakin Sweet, man. My companions/trainers are the coolest. They are as follows: Elder Cook from Centerville Utah, Elder Schull from Plain City Utah, and Elder Waggner from Medford Oregon. I cant believe our first transfers almost over, AND I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM MY FRIENDS! whats up with that? I gotta get Chars address so's I can congradulate her. She's married now right? Guess what! I'm up to 150lbs!!! ridiculous huh? The first week I was here we didn't eat that much and I guess someone got on the ward's case cause they've been feeding us like crazy, and not just spaghetti too. We are over the Somoan ward so we basically get like 20lbs of food every time they feed us. Have you ever heard of Taro root? Yeah, things are going good. My companions are Uber hard-working. I beat Elder Schull in wrestling like my second night here. Elders Cook and Waggner don't believe that I like to box....teehee. Well, I love you guys, make sure you get on Nathan/Chad/everyone else/Corryns case about writing me. That would be nice. I love you all and I hope your enyoying yourselves. The Church is true, Tacoma is hot, and Samoans are crazy.

Elder uppencamp

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