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Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from Sept. 14, 2009

Hey fam/random readers of emails,

Whats up? I'm doin pretty good out here. We had another baptism last Sunday so I'm at three so far. How did you see a photo of me with my mission pres.? I do look good don't I( and so very humble).
Tacoma's still really ghetto and yes I have gotten to drive....once. Our car is a Chevy Malibu that gets -5 miles to the gallon so we have to fill up a lot. It still hasn't rained that much here. The only day it really rained hard was the day I got to drive, fun huh.
None of my missionary pals, or my regular pals have written me yet with the exception of Nathan. What the heck. I'll probably send that memory card back soon, though it's nowhere near full.
We're just truckin' along here. We met a way cool Vietnamese guy named lam who will probably get baptised. We had Stake Conference the other day, it was a broadcast and the Prophet spoke so it was really cool. WE TAUGHT 40 LESSONS LAST WEEK! Neat huh. Yeah, we keep pretty busy.
I'm feeling a little sick today though so I might have to stay in. My companions just got done being WAY sick so I guess it's my turn. I love you guys and I pray for you every night too. Tell Andrew to get a job, and please remind my friends I'm out here. I feel a bit forgotten.

Elder Uppencamp A.K.A Elder Up at arms.

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