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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From Elder Daniel...

Hey Dudes,

Guess what. I totally got my first (in font)baptism!!!! It was really my second one I guess.... but it was the first one where I was in the font. It was on Sunday, and it was like the raddest thing ever. Apparently I dunked him waay to hard but he didn't mind. I just dunked him Gunnell style so there was no question on whether or not he was baptized. He's a cool kid from Jacksonville Florida. His brother had gotten baptized the week before I got here so he was thinking about it, then on Sunday he came to church and said he'd do it. It was way fun and I felt the Spirit really strongly, even though everyone was laughing cause I dunked him so hard.
That's cool about the letters, I was beginning to think my mail was getting stolen or something. Yeah, my areas really ghetto. But its fun. We heard a bunch of gunshots the other night but DON'T FREAK OUT. That's just life in the hood. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't gotten into a flaming row yet, but there's still time. I'm probably gonna be out of Tacoma by the end of the month 'cause I'm a greenie and we get moved around a lot, so I'll send my address when I know.
My pants still fit. I'm actually not really even showing any signs of gaining weight at all(other than what the scales say) all though I'm not really surprised considering how much the Samoans feed us. Still haven't got any letters from any homies accept Nathan (which was hilarious by the way) but I remain hopeful.Yeah, having tons of fun preaching the word. And reading the scriptures is getting way more fun. Yes, a recipe book would be good, and I'll totally send you the memory card when I remember. I love you guys!!!

Elder Uppencamp

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