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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 21 Letter...

Dear Mom and Such,

What's up guys. We had another 2 baptisms this weekend so I have now officially reached the North American missionary average! Hoorah! It was sooo cool. I got to baptise this Vietnamese dude named Lam. His story is as follows(be advised: you may cry)
O.K. So we met this dude named Lam. He just came to the states like, 3 months ago. He doesn't know much English. We ran into him tracting and took him on a tour of the church. While we were on the tour we showed him the restoration video and he loved it. We taught him the lessons that week and brought him to church. We had really hard time understanding him so we tried to get a Vietnamese speaker to come and translate. He was not down for that at all. So we pretty much taught him using only the scriptures. We took him to church and he decided to get baptized. Here's were it gets touching. Lam really wanted to get baptized, but he had work that Sunday. It's crazy cuz he is the bread winner for the family, but he doesn't have a steady job, so he takes work when he can get it. We were talking to him on Saturday and the baptism was the next day. We told him we could reschedule and stuff but he wasn't having any of that. He knew he would be blessed so he called his boss right then and said he wasn't coming in, thus probably losing his job and definitely losing 100 bucks. We felt real bad about him losing that money, so we all went to the bank and got together like seventy bucks. We brought it to his house and told him how we felt , but as soon as he saw the money in my hand he literally pushed me away. He knew he was gonna get blessed. He had such perfect faith! That touched me hardcore. I felt so blessed to have met such a genuine person. I felt the spirit so strong, I just started crying (first time on my mission) and I didn't stop for like an hour. I baptised him yesterday and I felt the spirit so strongly. I love it out here.
Tell Nathan that's awesome and that he should write me. I love you guys and I pray for Y'all every night.

Elder Uppencamp

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