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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Bits Better...Sept 27, 2010

Sup Peeps

This week was alright. We were supposed to have a baptism tonight but that's probably gonna be later in the week.
I had an exchange with a missionary who was trained in Forks while I was in P.A. He's still way driven and obedient, so it was way fun.
We got an investigator to church, her family is all into welfare but she actually seems legit. Paka's the kid we were gonna baptize, but his parents were sick over the weekend. Me and Warner got to teach all the youth in the ward last night. We took um all on a church tour.
I'm giving my first training in Zone-meeting tomorrow so I'm pretty stoked about that. Love you guys, keep on truckin. Theres NO WAY Rachel's date out wrestled Andrew. Is he shirkin' his brotherly duties?

Elder Uppengrahamp

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