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Monday, January 10, 2011

Very Fun Indeed...12/13/10

Sup peeps

The Christmas party was great, tons'o fun. Another one of those busy weeks but not much actual accomplishment. It's my comps last transfer, so he's a little trunky. He was here last transfer but he didn't pay attention at all so I have to figure out stuff myself. He's an alright guy though, HUGE star wars nerd. He makes those replica light saber things in his spare time. It's all good though cause he's going home soon. The wards are sweet, and slowly getting on board w/missionary work. I'm still getting used to driving like 45 minutes to get anywhere again. There's some parts of my area that are an hour and a half away. Anyhoo, I hope your all doing well, GABES COMING BACK SOON! Tell him Hi when you see him.

Elder Uppentownsend

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