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Monday, October 12, 2009

Letter from Oct. 12, 2009

Dear Everybody,

Whew, I'm glad you got those pictures, I spent like and hour in the post office trying to figure out how to send them. Don't worry, that wasn't my toe, this dude in my zone had it last transfer and I was on a shift with him when he went to the doctor. The next pict is the toe nail itself, with my hand there for scale. Yeah, those are some way good memories. I wish I could've put some caption under them so you could tell who is in them. If you have any questions, let me know.
Yeah, Olympia's a little harder than Tacoma. Everyone here goes to Evergreen College which is basically the hippie Mecca. They all say they're open minded, but when you bring up God they have their opinions and there's no changing them. The ward is also really different here too. They don't really like missionaries and they REALLY don't like it when we (the missionaries) find people. They think missionary work is exclusivley a ward thing, and that we're just some annoying side-thing that they have to "deal" with every Sunday. They're coming around though....slowly. We didn't teach too much this week, but we still got twenty lessons in.
We met a way cool family of three that we're working with so thats sweet. But yeah, tracting kinda sucks. Its amazing to me how prideful those who claim to be humble are. Yup yup,
How are my friends doing? I havn't really heard from any of them yet. How's Chadley and Nathan? Emily? Anyhoo, missionary work is the Bomb-diggity to the max. I love you guys and I pray for you all the time.

Elder UP

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