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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Letter from Oct. 19th, 2009

Message from Mom: I know everyone really enjoys hearing from Daniel but he would really love hearing from YOU! His address is posted to the right. :D

Hey Everyone,

Well done, my brother. G! E! D! What, what. That's cool.
Yeah, things are still doing good. We got to go street contacting downtown this week, at night. It was crazy! But, we met some really nice people, most of whom had tattoos on their faces. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that the rain has started. It hasn't gotten softer than a drizzle all week. It gets dark really early here, at like 5. Which sucks cause that's when we start tracting every night.
Church is sooo stressful! We bring investigators who are just there to check it out and everyone in the ward immediately starts talking about the deepest doctrine they can think of! This Sunday we brought a single investigator. She was interested in the church but she almost ran away when one of the members told her she can't be exalted until she gets married. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Do me a favor guys, if you see missionaries with investigators at church, please keep it basic. People who aren't even really sure if the Book of Mormon is true do NOT need to be hearing about the temple, or baptisms for the dead, or any stuff like that. It's way important, because investigators have no idea what any of that stuff means. As missionaries we always tell people that the church is centered on Christ, people get really confused if the only time they hear his name is during the prayer. Focus on the Savior always, 'cause that's what the church is really all about. O.K. that's enough of that. I'm glad you guys are doing good, and I'm way stoked for Andrew getting a job. I love you guys!

Elder Uppencamp a.k.a Elder Uppencup a.k.a Grampa Uppencamp

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