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Monday, October 26, 2009

From Elder U on Oct 26, 2009

Hey guys,

Yes, I got the candy and stuff, thanks guys. I'm still doing good up here. The ward is still a little dumb about teaching deep doctrine to investigators but it's getting a little bit better. We meet a,lot of really nice people but none of them will check out the church. I don't know what's up with that.
We just had P-day and I decided that I still, and will always, hate basketball. Speaking of sucking, we ate at a Chinese buffet today and I got some octopus. It was really good, kinda like fish bubblegum. Yup yup, having a good time.
Tell Rachel thanks for getting her friends to write me some notes, and tell her to tell Brotha Goss thanks too. That was way helpful.
Oh yeah, I got another companion a couple of days ago. He just got back from recovering from back surgery. My companions are as follows: Elder Hill, a dude from Colorado. He's way funny, I think he will be president one day. Elder Allred, also from Colorado, very musically inclined and skinny, doesn't like getting hugs AT ALL. Elder Coon, he's from Kaysville. He's about 6''4 and 300 pounds, a way nice guy. Yeah, good times in hippie-town. I love you guys and I hope your doing good. I still need Emily's address though. Tell Andrew to give Chad and Nathan a big hug from me.

Elder Eppsoncamp

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