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Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. 2, 2009

Hey Dudes,

This last week was kinda lame until the end. A bunch of our investigators ditched us. The weirdest thing happened to me on Thursday too. My comp totally sat on my legs while they were stretched out on the couch and accidentally popped my kneecap out of its socket! It hurt a ton and I couldn't bend my leg for a couple of minutes, until my comp pushed it up a bit and my knee-cap literally snapped back into place. It was so weird. I'm alright now but it's still a little stiff.
Halloween was pretty sweet. We were able to tract in places that would normally kick us out, under the guise of trick-or-treaters. Got a ton of candy too.
Then church was finally good! It was fast and testimony meeting and we had a bunch of investigators there so I was a little worried, but the wards did great. They testified simply about Jesus for the most part and no-one got too deep, then a girl who we recently re-activated bore powerful testimony about missionary work, so the ward doesn't think we're stupid anymore. We also had a great class after that in which our ward mission leader committed one of our investigators to get baptized. She felt the spirit really strong and was crying the whole time. good day. Its looking like we're gonna baptize two this weekend. Cross your fingers, they've got some opposition.
That sucks about Harry Reid, He apparently doesn't believe the Church is true. If he truly believed President Monson is a Prophet he wouldn't let politics shape his decisions so much.
Transfers are next week, so I'll probably have a new address. Keep telling my buds to write me, I really miss um. And I still totally need they're addresses, get Andrew on that.
I love you all and keep you in my prayers

Elder Uppencamp a.k.a lil' tank

Those pumpkins are legit, especially the Trogdor and Support the Municipality ones.

P.P.S Send me back that memory card so I can send you this one.

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