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Monday, November 23, 2009

"It's Like Going Swimming..." Nov. 23, 2009

Hello Friends and immediate and extended Family Members,

The rain has come, it's not as bad as everyone says but it's definitely here. We had our first big storm this last week, our power was out for a only a few hours but it was out for a couple of days on the other side of town. Riding bikes uphill, in the rain, in suit pants is not fun. My coat's holding out though.
We're teaching a bunch of cool people, we keep getting all these awesome teaching opportunities that come out of nowhere. We taught 31 lessons last week, and only half of those were scheduled.
I'm not sure what I want for Christmas. Do they make water proof suit pants? What I would really like is more pictures, and maybe to hear from some of my friends. Does Andrew have a job yet?
Are you guys reading your scriptures every day? Studying is my favorite thing to do now! I've amassed quit the religious library through my travels, and the contrast between our scriptures and other religions holy writ is astounding. Indubitably. Don't ever think the scriptures are boring or long winded you guys. I've read some of mans attempts to make them "easier to understand" (IE. the NLV, NIV, and the American Standard Bible) and they just aren't as good. The poetry and meaning are lost. I kind of understand why a lot of people have problem with the Book of Mormon. The concept of revealed scripture is definitely alien to them. But when they read and pray sincerely, they always feel the Spirit witness to them the truth. I love you guys, I hope you all have a way fun Thanksgiving. The Church is true.

Elder Up'in the camping grounds camping

Friends, if you're reading this WRITE ME PLEASE!
I haven't heard from you guys in forever and I'd really like to know how your doing.

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