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Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day Owns...Nov 30, 2009

'Sup Peeps,

Thanksgiving was awesome, we had 2 of them.
Yes, waterproof. (Daniel wants waterproof pants for Christmas)
Don't expect to see Washington scenery in New Moon. They filmed it in Vancouver. Speaking of which, I get to go to Forks tomorrow on a shifty, I'll make sure to take a bunch of pictures.
How the heck did you get Simon to Colorado? Tell Tiff and Glenn I said hi.
Our week was pretty lame apart from Thanksgiving, but we did get a baptism in on Sunday. This guy is sweet, he wants to learn MMA so I'm excited. No-one wants to wrestle me here so I have to play basketball instead, lame.
We finally had a nice day! It was Saturday and not a cloud in the sky, I almost was brought to tears. Teehee. Anyhoo, I love you guys and I hope your holidays are sweet.


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