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Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 16, 2009... Thighs of Steel

Hey Guys,

Port Angles is pretty sweet. Our ward loves us. I gave a talk last Sunday on helping others to recognize the spirit. It was pretty sweet. My new comp is way sweet. He's from Austin TX but he played basketball for Utah State.
Being on bike is a little harder but we're doing O.K., my quads are getting HUGE!! We're getting a whole lot done in our area, we taught 26 lessons this week.
Is Andrew Wright on his mission yet? I just got some mail from him and you from like 2 months ago. I'm doing pretty good, it's way rainy though and the money goes away really quick. I'm excited to be here in Port Angeles. Tell Andrew to get a job and stuff. Tell Nathan and Chad I miss um.
I love you guys and I hope your doing good.

Elder Uppencamp

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