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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party! ...Dec 15, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Yes, we did have a Christmas party. It was awesome, but kind of weird. I'm just now realizing that my mission is almost 1/4 of the way done. WHAT THE HECK. Me and all the guys I came out with are still considered the young guns, but no longer the newbies. Interesting. Any-hoo, thank you guys so much for the presents! That was great.
You guys have so much snow! That's way cool. We got some the other day but it didn't stick for very long. It all just turns into ice, which is a little scary to bike on. I'm going to Forks again on Friday so I'll try to get some pictures this time.
We had an interesting week, we taught 32 lessons, and we got to be firemen. We were visiting a lady who had just recently gotten baptized, and while we were knocking on here door this guy in the apartments across the street came running out of his house and started banging on his neighbors door, yelling "I LIT THE HOUSE ON FIRE". Me and Elder Tueller saw them throwing their stuff out of the house so we went and helped them. It was crazy. We stopped by again the other day and helped the dude who started the fire get all his burned stuff out of the house.
We got tons of people at the ward Christmas party, oh, and I totally beat this sixty year old guy we tracted into at chess (weird sentence). It's way cold but we're doing good. Transfers are next week so I'll let you know if I'm leaving, but I probably won't be. Lemme know how Andrews doing, and tell everyone Merry Christmas from me. I love you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Elder Downintown

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