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Monday, January 4, 2010

Down with the Sickness... Jan 4, 2010

Sup Seeps,

That's way sad about that little mouse. Not cool, just make it a cardboard box or something.
Matthew is a far worse speller than I am. Rachel uses the proper amount of exclamation points. It's sweet that Jacob is becoming a New Scout, and more importantly a Deacon. There is no "Eagles Nest" in heaven (maybe in on of the lower kingdoms).
Dad, it's way hard to say which place in Washington is so far. Probably......Tacoma? Rain sucks, but whatever. How did Dad change the font on his e-mail? I love hearing those kind of conversion stories.
Yeah, last week was kind of lame. I got way sick for 2 days so we got a lot less done than we wanted to. The holidays kind of suck for missionary work.
Tueller got his bike stolen last week too, it was weird. Someone cut our lock, but they only stole his bike. But despite all that we still got 27 lessons. Neat, huh.
I set up that gym thing and its pretty sweet. This weeks gonna be alot better though with everyone getting back. I'm wrestling one of my recent converts today, that should be fun. Things are going way good out here, despite the opposition. I think that just means something big is in the works.
Lemme know how Gabe and Nathan are doin' You guys are the bomb diggity.

Elder Uppencamp

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