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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's Rad... Daniel's letter from Jan. 9, 2010

Hey Fam,

This last week was a lot better. We taught 31 lessons, but we had to drop a bunch of people. Tueller got a new bike, and yes I am feeling a lot better. No rad awesome stories from last week, but it was still good. We're meeting a bunch of new people who freaking love us. That is so rad about Eammon!
Make Andrew go to his farewell and give him a crushing hug from me. PAUL! On a mission! That's amazing! The Independence Missouri mission is doing way good from what I hear.
What is all this "Be thou humble" stuff? Do I detect a subtle jab? (a recommendation to read the hymn and scripture from Mom) Teehee, yeah I'll totally read those today. That's sweet about Grandpa Brown. (Moving to Tuscon)
We're finally having a baptism! I'm way stoked. Uhhh yeah. Fun times. You gots to let me know when Collin gets his call. I love y'all so much.

Elder Uppencamp

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