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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

50...Elder U's letter from 1-20-10

High-ho everyone,

Rad, Awesome, Week. Sorry I didn't email yesterday but it was MLK day. We taught 50 lessons! It would have been a record but Forks taught 51. Darn. I don't think we're ever gonna get that many again though. We decided were gonna try and make um high quality from now on (not that these weren't).
The baptism was sweet, apart from the the fact that the kid didn't tell us he's afraid of water. It took three times to finally get him under. Yesterday we went to a game park, it was the coolest thing ever. It's one of those things were you drive through and feed animals. It was scary but awesome. I got a bear to wave at me, and I kissed a bison.
That's way sweet about Silas! Tell him I'm stoked for him. Paul's the man. Tell him to look at Governor Boggs' tombstone. Tell Andrew that he can still totally get ripped. He's just gotta keep at it. If I can gain this much weight than anything is possible.
Did grandpa Brown ever send me monies? I also need a refill on my prescriptions. I have a very short attention span. I love you all and I hope your doing good. Tell Jacob happy birthday for me.

Elder Uppencamp

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