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Monday, January 25, 2010

Six Months on Friday... Elder U's 1/26/2010

Hey Guys,

Happy birthday last week! Last week was alright. We didn't do as well with investigators but we did get a TON of people to church who don't normally go.
That is so rad about Collin's call! Tell him to learn some Brazilian jujitsu.
Tell Andrew to do a fast, that will definitely help. Transfer calls are on Saturday, I'll let you know were I'm off to.
Sad story: We were teaching this lady and her spazy kid wanted to play outside. But right when we got out there this lady ran out of her house screaming and holding her baby. The little dude had just had a mirror fall on his face and he was bleeding everywhere. He had about a 4 inch cut above his lip which was all the way through. What really surprised me about the situation was the lack of action. I totally had to yell at a guy to get a towel to cover the cut. It was really weird watching all these adults just stand there, while the little dude was freaking out. The kid's fine now you'll be happy to know. We visited them the other day.
Happy story: I got a tour of a Kingdom Hall (Jehovah's Witness Church). We were getting picked up in the church's parking lot, so we thought we'd go in and check it out. It's just one big room but it's really nice. Everyone there was really nice/scared. It was really funny. Elder Anderson (my DL)(District Leader) almost got the head guy to take a Book of Mormon. We then went outside and directed traffic for Bible study. It was way fun.
I'll let you know next week where I end up. I love you all and I hope your doing good.

Elder Uppencamp

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