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Monday, February 8, 2010

Here be my new address... email from 2-8-10

Hey guys

Here's my new address:
429 W. Cedar St. Apt 10
Sequim WA, 9382

Yeah, this week was kinda slow. We didn't have very much to do except get to know the ward. The previous missionaries left us with pretty much nothing. So we get to start over again. The ward is sweet though! They are so excited about having us here. We've already had like 6 referrals.
I haven't really thought about my birthday too much. uhhh.... Perfect Push Up? That door gym is great for the arms and back but not so much for the chest. Other than that I don't know. I definitely don't want Rough Stone Rolling anymore. But some books about Porter Rockwell would be cool.
That is awesome about Andrew being high (on pain meds after having his wisdom teeth out). Give him lots of jello. Tell Nathan what my new Address is.
I did not get any pictures of myself kissing the bison...sorry. But we're probably going to go again at some point because the game farm is in our area.
The weather here is a lot like Utah, It's in a place called the sunbelt. It's weird because Port Angeles is only like 15 miles away, and they get like 20 inches more rain. 60% of my area is retirees by the way uggghhhh....baptism's for the dead? Anyhoo, I'm glad y'all are doing good. I love you guys.

Elder Uptown

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