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Monday, February 15, 2010

NO WAY! Elder U's email from 2-15-10

Hey Everybody!
Bishop's not Bishop anymore ? Weird. That's so sweet about brother Magleby! He's gonna be awesome.
Go Morgan, I'm way excited for him.
The work's going alright. We got a guy who may get baptized this weekend but he's got some pretty stiff opposition. He's aqua-phobic! We'll see how that all turns out.
I got a letter from Gabe the other day, which was sweet.
We're still mostly tracting into old people but there are a few sweet potentials here and there.
As far as birthday stuff goes... That all sounds good.
I can't believe this transfer is almost half over already! Oh, did you guys ever put up my plaque? If so, what scripture did you use? If you haven't yet, I know some good ones now.
Why didn't you get pictures of Andrew! Awww lame.
Sequim is pretty fun. I gave a talk last Sunday about helping people after they're baptized. We also brought a guy from the rehab center to church. He got baptized a couple years ago, then he got Pancreitus and had to be in the hospital for like 9 months! He still is in rehab but he wanted to go to church. He's the coolest guy ever.
My comp is pretty sweet but still very much a greenie. He's getting better though. Things are going good. It's just different out here.
We played capture the flag as a zone for P-day at an old military bunker.
I can't believe Phil's getting back so soon.
Well, that's all I can think of.

Elder Battlefield

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Super Mom Mom said...

LoL he signed that Elder Battlefield because that's what I call him! =) He is serving in my ward right now, and he is a great guy, we really enjoy having him and Elder Berger in our home. We are keeping their bellies well fed and they are keeping us spiritually well fed! Love, Sister Dede Bessey