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Monday, March 8, 2010

We'll see... email from 3-8-10

'Sup Dudes,

Yes, I did get the letter, thanks very much!
I'm glad Mauro's alright.(Mauro is in earthquake territory)
Last week was A LOT better! We have found some really sweet people that we are teaching, and we might have a baptism this weekend. Good times.
(To Andrew) No, I have not beat up my companion yet. He's way cool and we get along great. We finally found houses that aren't inhabited by old people!! I'm way excited about that. This is the last week of the transfer, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they're moving me again. I'm not sure but I think that President likes sending me to areas that aren't doing so good, and then sending me somewhere else when they start turning around. Weird.
I'm glad you guys are doing so good and I will totally write Grampa Brown. Andrew needs to keep on working out so he can beat up Rachel's date for sure.
What the heck is PPT?(Progressive Power Tumbling)
That totally sucks that Timpview won state. Tell Andrew a jobs' a job he would probably thrive in that environment.(Robert's Crafts) teehee.
I let you know on Monday whether I got transferred or not. The weather here is awesome by the way, sunny every day. I love you all and I'm glad you're doing good.


Elder Updyke (weird one)

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