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Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost got the record again...email from 3-29-10

Hey Guys!

Good times, I can't believe it's almost April. I'm so old now. It's going by way too fast.
Guess what. I get to work out every morning at the gym now. Yes, I am a member of Sequim (pronounced skwim) gym. I'm getting huge.
We did not have a baptism last week or a conformation but were for sure having one or both of those things this week. If we get the kid we baptised the other week confirmed then we will break the zone record for baptisms in a month. The record is 17, we're going for 18.
I just found out one of my favorite converts just got called to be a secretary in the Elders Quorum. YES!
I love this ward sooo much. Bishop Bonham is like our best friend. He takes us to see people all the time and we're totally baptising his son-in-law. We found out our downstairs neighbors are Jehovah's Witnesses (It makes sense that they hate us now). Went to a funeral for a sweet guy we were teaching. His name was Jay, he had been in either the hospital or rehab for over a year. We took him to church a couple of weeks ago. It was crazy cause he could only be off his IV for 4 hours, or he would die. But he went anyway. He loved it so much. He just sat there with his throw-up bucket smiling and crying and thanking us over and over again. I'm so glad he got to go to church before he passed away. I also got to help bless sister Bessy's baby. Good week. I hope you guys are still doing well. I love you all so much.

Elder Uppencamp

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