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Monday, April 5, 2010

Email 4/5/10

Dear Everybody,

Dudes, Conference be awesome. We had a miracle baptism on Friday. When we went to district meeting there was a dude sleeping in the doorway of the church. We woke him up and took him on a tour, he said he'd grown up with a lot of Mormons but he'd never been baptized. So, while on the tour we asked him if he wanted to be. He was totally down! We taught him all the lessons, interviewed him, and baptized him, all in 3 hours. Good times. He's on his way up to Alaska now, and I know things are gonna start turning around for him.
We're still having lots of fun, and our bishop is our best bud. Did you see Amber Zibetti and Heather Bolton singing in the choir?! That was weird. They still need to write me.
Does Louis have his mission call yet? Does Andrew have a job yet? I've probably only got three weeks left in this area so peeps gotta hurry up and write me. I'm glad y'all are doing well, keep on truckin. Love you forevers.

Elder Uppencamp


Our zone broke the the record for people baptized in a month again! Awww yeah.


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