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Monday, April 19, 2010

Uhhhhh....Email from 4-20-10

Hello All

We had a pretty mediocre week. We had a baptism on Saturday, which was sweet. But other than that it was kind of boring. One of our investigators dropped us because he thinks the church is going to get taken over by catholics, he gives us eight years. Tehe.
That's awesome about Zach, give him my best. Tell Andrew to start slapping Chad, and not to stop until he writes me. Same goes for Nathan.
Your package came O.K. by the way. Get on Facebook and see how everyone's doing/tell them to write me (please). I gots to get Emily's address, and Amber's and Heather's and Chelsea's etc. Berger is totally bogarting the mailbox.
Oh, sweet story! Our baptism was really scary. The dude and his wife had been arguing all day, so he was way stressed. At one point he just kinda yelled,"I don't even know if I wanna do this anymore" So we went in the chapel and PRAYED. He calmed down and it all totally worked out. By the way, The Church is true.
Can you get the fam to all write me again? That's always way cool. I love ya'll and I hope your doin' peachy.

Elder Bandcamp

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