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Monday, May 24, 2010

Craziness in the Office...Email from 5-24-10

Hey Dudes,

I just got Nathan's wedding invitation!!! That is the best news ever.
Last week was pretty sweet. We've been teaching a kid named Patrick and he's getting baptized this Sunday.
Being in the office is kinda lame but the ward is really cool. I'm still not sure how everything works. It's definitely different then being a regular missionary.
We took a drunk guy on a tour of the building last Thursday. It was way fun. His name's Merlin and we found him walking down the street (a little unsteadily). We pulled over and invited him to come to church, and he said that would be O.K. as long as we dropped him off in the same spot. So he put down his brown paper bag (never found out what was in it) and hopped in our car and we took him to the church. Pretty sweet huh.
We drove all over Tacoma on Saturday helping the missionaries we live with. They were baptizing three people so we had to go find the right suits.
Did I tell you guys about our drive to Aberdeen? Remind me next week. Welllllll, I love you guys. Have a fun week.

Elder Uppy

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