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Monday, May 3, 2010

OE Madness- email from 5-2-10

Sup Peeps,

O.K., so being an office elder is a little different from being a regular missionary. We don't get to teach as much and we have a whole ton more stuff to do.
I got to go to the Seattle temple last Tuesday with the departing missionary's though. That was fun. I also have to learn how to drive this huge van. We get to pick up the new missionary's from the airport as well as dropping off the the old ones. I'm still having fun though.
My new companion is Elder Borland, who was one of my roommates at the MTC. He's from Missouri. Anyhoo, that's about it.
Is Court the Ultimate Fighter yet? Y'all gots to let me know. I love you guys and I hope your having a great day. Yes, I will be calling on Sunday.

Elder Uppencamp

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