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Monday, July 5, 2010

LYNNNNNN... Email from 7-5-10

Hey Peeps,

NO WAY! That is the coolest thing ever, go Lynn! (Andrew's rocker friend Lynn is getting baptized.)
Yeah, it's still pretty slow here. Our crazy investigator called me at 12:00am last night. She's probably not getting baptized any time soon. Lame, It's looking like this will be my first transfer without a baptism.
The fourth was way fun. There's Indian rez'es all over the place here so the fireworks are pretty intense.
As far as talking to that husband guy, just go for it. Say why we do it and say that it really won't effect him at all. God'll help you out, this is obviously something he wants you to do, and she probably wants you to do it too. (A have a friend that passed away who is waiting for her work to be done.)
Yup, can't wait for the package. I loves you guys. Happy 5th of July!

Elder Uppandover

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