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Monday, June 28, 2010

Still Slow But Getting Better... Email from 6-28-10

Hey Fam and other Intersted Parties,

I am doing great! We have a bunch of people we're teaching but only the crazy one will come to church. We got a bunch of inactive people to come though, so that's sweet. I'm having lots of fun but I'm kinda bummed at how slow the work is going.
Which Paul got baptized? The Paul I know is on a mission in Missouri right? That's so sweet that Andrews Metal buddies are getting baptized. That's a great missionary experience for him. If he could baptize someone himself before his mission that would be awesome.
That's good that you got to throw down with that liberal dude at the polls. Being on a mission in the middle of were all that stuff gets tried out has only solidified my position.
I'm almost at my year mark! That's freakin insane! I don't feel too different (except for the extra 30 pounds) but I've met some of the coolest people ever, and then baptized them. That's probably had some effect on me. tee hee. I love you guys and I hope your summer's going swimmingly.

Elder Uppencamp

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