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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Email from 6-7-10

I sent you the right memory card. I think it might have been wiped. Lame. (We thought the card he sent was blank, luckily it wasn't!)
You got the sizes right I think.
Ohhhh... by the way. I got transferred to Graham. Keep on sending my stuff to the mission office for now though. My new Comp is Elder Warner.
The Aberdeen story is thus. We had to get A baptismal suit for Alexis. She's a bigger black lady, and we didn't have a suit in her size. So we spent all day calling around to locate one. The Aberdeen missionaries called us at like 9 on Saturday telling us they had one. So we drove down to Aberdeen to gets it.
Fun times, I gotta go though. Love yeah! See's you later.

Elder Uppencamp

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