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Monday, July 19, 2010

Still in G-ram...Email for 7-18-10

Sup Playas,

Yes, I'm still in Graham. This last week has been insane! We baptized that crazy lady HARD-CORE! She brought her service dog and Elder Warner held it while me and Elder Ludwig baptized her. When we got to the church for the baptism yesterday she was already there. She had an American Flag and was twirling with it while bumping weird monk chanting from her car. She said she was paying homage. Weird. But she got way calm and normal right after the ordinance was done. So stressful. Teaching this lady was like teaching a 4 year old on Crack.
Other than that we did a bunch of tracting, and found a whole ton of inactive folks that the ward didn't know about.
Speaking of "the ward". Sacrament meeting has been exclusively about temple ordinances for the past 2 weeks. SO DUMB, but I talked with the ward council about it and they're going to try and sensitive to the fact that we have investigators there so I hope the topics get tied to the Savior more. Anyhoo, I loves you tons and hope your all doing well.

Elder Uppencamp

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