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Saturday, August 14, 2010

EWWWWW- email from july 26


That's freaking gross about Rachel's ear!(Rachel had a bug crawl in her ear.) I thought that was just a myth.
We got our crazy investigator confirmed last sunday. She's a way sweet lady, she's just super annoying some times and a big handful at church.
I got a letter from Gabe. He's doing good. Tell Phills to write me.
This week was kinda slow but we still got an awsome investigator to church. We found her tracting. Her name is Katie and she's only lived in Graham for like a week. Her roomates were trying to Anti her all of last week but she came anyway! That's funny about Andrew and Tiff, is Glenn there too? I love you guys! lemme know how Rachels ear turns out. I hope it did'nt lay eggs!

Elder Underdone
(Good one)

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