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Monday, August 23, 2010

That is Freakin' Disgusting...Email from Aug. 23, 2010

(Rachel sent Daniel pictures of her little buggy friend that was stuck in her ear.)Dudes! Baptism this week! The dude we got married 2 weeks ago got baptized on Tuesday and confirmed on Sunday. It was waaaay sweet.His names Patrick, he's 23 and going into the Guard pretty soon here.
Other than that the week was kinda hard. We were supposed to find a family by last Saturday and report to president. We tried all week and it didn't work.
Graham is kind of a sinkhole as far as the church is concerned. Apparently the ward has a rep for being the place where you go to hide from the church. We meet inactive people all the time who got offended or lazy or whatever. Kinda lame, but there's still some way sweet people though.
That's way cool about Robby and Tristan,and lame about the Froers' not being around. Andrew can still do some stuff on his papers though right? He's gotta get out quick! I love y'all. Hope your doing great!

Elder Uppencamp

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