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Monday, April 4, 2011

Silverdale, Feb. 14, 2011

Sups Peeps,

Yes indeedy, Transfered I was. I'm now in the Silverdale 2nd ward. I'm follow up training a missionary who's only 6 weeks in the field. He's pretty cool, and from Texas. It was way sad to leave everybody in Port Townsend and Chimacum, and especially to leave elder Parkinson. He's definitely been one of my favorites.
It's crazy going to transfer meetings and seeing my friends bearing their final testimony before they go home.
I'm way stoked to be in Silverdale. Apparently it's a pretty bumpin ward.
My spiritual thought this week is probably just that if we are doing the Lord's work we shouldn't be worried about whether or not we're gonna be O.K. It was weird at transfer meeting. I wasn't nervous at all about going to a new area, with a new missionary. I am totally stoked. My new address is:

9819 Sandhill Lane Apt. M 304
Silverdale WA 98383

I love you guys! Let me know ASAP when Andrew gets his call.

Elder Uppencamp

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