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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Oct 10 2011

Fruits and vegetables are for pansies.(We recommended that Andrew eat veggies and fruit to get over his cold) If I ate that stuff all the natives would laugh. And I'm feeling tons better! The weather down here is nuts too. It poured rain on thursday, but it was warm in the morning so I didn't have my suit coat or my raincoat, so I was just soaked. then the next day it was sunny and awesome but I had my raincoat so I was too hot. I need some good winter boots and some beanies and stuff, so that money will be wonderful! THANKS! What are Adnoids?(Jake is getting his adenoids out on Oct. 18) It sounds like androids. Why does Jacob have Androids in his nose? We saw a herd of 100 head of Elk! I tried to get some pics but I think they all ended up blurry. Then we went looking for some elk with the guy we live with in Darby, and we went looking ON THE RANCH THAT CHRISTOPHER LOYD USED TO LIVE ON! and on the way back we drove past the summer home of the guy who directed National Treasure! I'm almost done with my blog, but i'm having some technical difficulties, so it will be done... eventually... Transfers came and went and I'm staying with Elder Owens in Corvallis and Darby, which is awesome! I love it here. Things go well. thinking in the 4th dimension, Elder Mcfly

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