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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Oct 3 2011

Yeah, I don't really need the belt buckle. I need boots a lot more than that, but I had to ask! Conference was amazing! AND I'M PUMPED ABOUT THE TABERNACLE! That's the bomb! The Japanese guys' talk yesterday was one that stuck out to me, and not just cause he had an awesome accent. But all of it was fantastic, I don't really have a favorite. As for facebook, you could probly just send me the pics if you already took them all off the memory card. I get 1 hour for online proselyting a day, and it's for teaching and finding people who are interested. So if you guys have anyone who needs a missionary but are intimidated or whatever then send em my way. Facebook proselyting is for providing a formal setting where we can answer questions and not have to be in the home and looking at them with our accusing eyes, so its actually helping a lot of people. we are still in Pappas's house, but he is sick so we don't see him much. He said that he hadn't eaten anything for like 2 days so he knew what it was like for the jews during the holocaust. We are trying to leave as quickly as possible. And I think he got me sick too, I have been running around with a cold for the past week. But it hasn't slowed me down! SEND ME BACK MY MEMORY CARD! Sincerely yours, Elder get UP c'mon get DOWN with the sickness

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