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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Oct 17 2011

Yes I am aware of the small amount of Indian in me, we won't talk about that. I got the money! and I got a haircut with it, and I asked for the same length I have gotten for years 3 on the top and 2 on the sides, and its way short... i think she just gave me a 2 everywhere. But its already grown a bit so its not that bad. Send them some really nice pens!(We asked what a missionary in the MTC would like in a care package) AND SOME SUPER GLUE! Super glue has come to my aid countless times, and it will countless more. And some Beef Jerky, and I just asked the other 3 elders in the room what they would have wanted and they said letters from all the young single women in the ward. I GOT THIS AWESOME MISSIONARY DOLL! A lady in Sidney who does amazing crochet stuff made it for me and sent it by way of her mom who lives in Corvallis! It's fantastic, I might send it home cause it wont last here on the field, but I don't want to give it up. The Blog and FB are doing pretty good, I'm supposed to write a blog every week or so which is a pain, but it's fun coming up with gospel applications for obscure stuff that I like. I already came up with an idea about Back To The Future and repentance. Things are going pretty well, and Halloween is on a P-day! So we might do something awesome for it. AND I GOT TO WORK OUT AT A MUAY THAI GYM TODAY! It's owned by a less active in the ward next to ours and the Elders there invited us along to work out there, and I miss punching so much... It felt so good to wail on a bag for an hour again. The less active guy there was a pro boxer for 14 years and he said I had amazing footwork! He also complimented my punches and taught me some good combos. But we couldn't spar cause I'm a missionary... I was so bummed. Hugs and Hyperbeams, Elder Uppenaround

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