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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Sept 26, 2011

I got the package and it is so nice to have a scripture case! And thanks for the money! I used some of it to buy some boots to do service in, they just happen to be some dope cowboy boots I found in a thrift store in Darby. And I'll send my memory card home when I get my other one back. I've heard all about the BYU game now, there are a bunch of BYU graduates up here, and even more people with kids going there. It's good that they did well in their last game, why did they have to wait until they played U of U to suck? GET RONAN THE 8 TRACK PLAYER! And give him the Silmirillion to give to the Heims too. Thats fantastic about the Rhodes! Brother Rhodes is gonna be the best dad ever! Thats so awesome. They should name him Ananias, or Gideon. Conference is gonna be the bomb, I am so pumped for it. I got this sweet note taking packet from the primary in Darby, its got a word search and everything, I am totally using it. Its gonna be so much fun. We had the primary program here too, and it was awesome! They kids were all over the place, and half of them weren't singing, and a couple kept jumping around and pushing each other. It made me a little homesick. And they had Linger Longer which is the greatest thing since sliced bread, Its a pot luck after church on every 4th sunday. HEY! I might need $100 for a sweet hand made elk antler belt buckle. Its for a less-active who needs the money, it gives us a reason to go see him again, and he does amazing work! So it's not for me, its to save the soul of a talented artist. And we could call it an early Christmas present! Pretty Please, Elder Moosencamp

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