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Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder U, Sept. 19

We had a great week! We have some amazing people that we are working with. Daniel... why.(Daniel is working at Rocky Mountain Drive Inn) He can do TONS better than that. Punch Brian for me. Send the package to: 1490 Meridian Rd. Vistor, MT 59875 And send it quick! I don't need new scrips yet, but I will if I don't get a case as soon as possible. My pants are getting a little loose actually, I haven't been on a scale lately but I have definatly lost a little weight. We used the mile counter in the odometer and we drove the way we usually bike and it turned out to be a 20 mile round trip back to our house, and we usually go more than twice that far. We thought it was only 10 or so miles, so we have gone twice as far as we thought we did. It is getting a little chilly, it gets around 40 degrees at night but it gets up in the 70's during the day. I bought some sweet winter gloves, i just need some long johns and a few more things and i'm set. I have been advised against thermal garments by a couple different missionaries, so I'll just stick to normal garments and get thermals to go over. I hadn't heard the score,(the infamous BYU loss) but the McCreedy's were watching the beginning of the game when we left Darby. It sucks that we lost! Was it really that bad? Spencer hasn't written yet, I need to beat him up. Sincerely Yours, Elder Raphael (The Coolest Ninja Turtle)

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