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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder U, Sept 12, 2011

This week was good! We serve in a place called Darby too and the members we live with there are fantastic, their name is McCreedy and they have a cute little Pomeranian puppy named Griz. The McCreedy's let us use the whole upstairs of a really nice house, and it's fantastic! The elders here used to spend 1 day a week in Darby and every other sunday, but we have a lot of work there so we are spending every weekend down there. We still spend every other sunday in corvallis. Any size scripture case is fine as long as it can withstand a bear mauling, so I'm not gonna be choosy. And the Quad I've got is hanging in there, but by the skin of its teeth. We use bikes provided by the members, the one i'm riding belongs to the ward mission leader who grew up in Pinesdale ( the polygamist colony) and is a really nice guy. The hills here are nuts! we are in a valley so everything is at odd angles and some of these go up to bloody 85 degrees! And you could totally send me that hat. I don't know if I could wear it but who knows. Elder Owens wore a ski mask and a beany last winter, but he is from arizona so he isn't used to below 0 weather. Daniel best not be working at Rocky Mountain. So my official guess is The Academy. Thats awesome about the website! Just don't pull a Martha Stuart! And Jacob needs a bionic nose, then all his problems will be solved. And we will have to see about the killing with kindness, I might just settle for the killing. Sincerely, Elder Farva ( I got the name wrong on the letter) P.S. Allan wrote me! It was awesome, make Daniel punch that guy.

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