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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder A- July 31, 2011

I got the goodies on saturday, thanks for sending out the elephant shirt! I spent my birthday street contacting for 3 hours in an average of 95 degrees with 80% humidity, but it was still a lot of fun. We had dinner at the Bishops house and they made me a cake and sang, it was awesome. But for some reason Bishops wife decided to make everything green, green bread for the pigs in a blanket we had, green coolaid, pickles, green cake, green cups, and a green bowl full of cheetos. Elder Nuttall had to get a bunch of pictures and he kept calling it my greenie dinner. We are eating fine, we actually have tons of food, and they members here feed us well. I think they may feed us a little to well, I don't want to gain any weight. Actually so far I've lost 10 pounds, but I think that it was all muscle weight. And we are cooking up a turkey either today or tomorrow! The awesome catholic family that lives above us had some trouble with their freezer and the gave us tons of free food! It's crazy that Daniel is Practically home, I'm not gonna send him another email cause I don't know if he will get it, so tell him that he is awesome and that I love him. And that sucks about Danny, how bad is it? We haven't seen any animals at all actually, just a couple cows here and there but this isn't cattle country, and the odd squirrel. This isn't the exciting and beautiful side of Montana, this is the boring and plain side. nothing but fields are far as you can see. But we have had some crazy weather, some intense storms just missed us. we had some warm rain and angry skies, but 40 miles away they had tennis ball sized hail and a tornado. LOVE YA, Elder Upurkamp P.S. I need a nice scripture case!

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