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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder Andrew- August 15, 2011

Nope, still no moose. They don't hang out in the Badlands, we just have Indians. I haven't run into any Redskins yet, but there are 14 reservations in my mission and the worst one is in our zone, so its only a matter of time. Thats cool about girls camp. Who got stuck being Dobby? Or did you just have a straw dummy that you could set fire too? We went through the ward list and found 60 names we didn't know, so we are going to go through it with the bishop and see who we can track down. It's like trying to fill a sieve, there is a huge oil boom going on here so people are in and out all the time. There are no places to live, tons of trailer parks that get filled the second they are emptied, people always getting evicted when landlords find someone willing to pay more for less. So our investigators are either always working, always tired, or move away. We do have some success though, we are working with this awesome couple that work on the railroad, and they are coming along really well. And we have a baptismal date set up with a 12 year old kid who has been taking the lessons for months with his younger brother and dad who aren't members. And we got to go to some Rodeos! We street contacted at a county fair and saw a rodeo with some members, and we talked to tons of people. Then we saw another one with a family that lives 40 miles from Sidney (we cover 4 or 5 small towns that are 30 to 40 miles from Sidney in every direction) and saw a Ranch Rodeo which is more roping and less riding. I didn't film most of it, but i did catch a bunch of ladies putting shirts on calf's. And a guy lost his thumb! It must have caught on the rope or something, they stopped the show and had everyone look for it, they were asking the audience for some ice and a ziplock bag. It was brutal. Spencer should definitely record Daniels talk! Did Spencer finish editing mine? And you need to send me those pictures! Allan and Spencer wanted me to have some kinda keep sake, so you should take something off of the scrap booking page with all of us all tiny and do something awesome with it and send it to me. I am sending the package today hopefully, I couldn't find a box the right size so I had to improvise. there is something for Ronan and Daniel and the Heims. They will be labeled with sticky notes. And the Memory card will be in there somewhere too. I'm thinking something along the lines of tempered steel for the scripture case, and 2 more pairs of garments would be nice. LOVES AND LEG LOCKS, Elder Kampf P.S. Tell Arianne Mix that she can take out Carter if she has too, I taught her how. P.P.S. There is an Elder in my zone who does Jiu Jitsu! I may have found a worthy opponent!

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